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Critics choice award to Pablo Fernandes with the 1/6 scale F-16 at Florida International Jet Rally.
Malcolm Kay with Fei Bao MB-339&F-9F
Andres Sales with FeiBao F-15
Randy Clarck&Ado Coelho with FeiBao F-4
Dominic got TopGun Award at Libert Bell Jet event with F-9F
Ramino Soriano with FeiBao Rafale
Dewey Davenport&Lewis Patton with FeiBao MB-339
Hamid Reihani with FeiBao MB-339
Miguel Casasnovas with FeiBao Mirage2000
He painted the Tigereye after getting original one
Rob Backer with FeiBao F-18F
Joan Pou with FeiBao Hawk
Jesus Sepulveda with FeiBao Velox
Tor Christiansen with FeiBao F-9F
Marcos Torres,Jose Olives&Miguel Casasnovas with FeiBao F-18F&F-86
Dominic Cognata with FeiBao L-39
Kelvin Lim with FeiBao F-22
Sami with FeiBao Velox
Jonathan with FeiBao P-60 F-5
Lan Robb with FeiBao T-45
Lewis Patton with FeiBao F-15E
Paul Blanchard with FeiBao F-5 powered with Jet Central jf120 Super Eagle
Jim with FeiBao P-60 F-5 at California Jet Meeting
Laurent Schaal with FeiBao F-9F and Rafale
Jimmy with FeiBao Mirage2000
Dany Geday with FeiBao F-15D
Fritz with FeiBao F-15E
John with FeiBao T-33
Marco Benincasa got 3rd place with FeiBao T-33 at Top Gun.
Hi Catherine,
                       I test flew the F-16 this morning. Perfect, no problems at all.
Just a few clicks of trim and it was like Id been flying it for years!
It has a Hammer 180+ turbine in it and it only needs half throttle to fly at scale speeds!
After 7 minutes I landed it and both main tanks were still 30% full.
I hope you like the photos.

Olivier and Laurent got 2nd best of show with FeiBao MB-339
Glyn Dale with FeiBao F-16
Test pilot: Peter Weiss


Tyson Dodd and Luke Cullen with FeiBao HAWK and L-39
FeiBao Kits at the TAA Club in Queensland Australia
Hi Catherine,
We had the Leeton Jet meeting on this weekend just gone.  I have attached some pictures for you.
We won Best Sport Jet with the big Viper and also won Pilots Choice for the L39.
Hope you are doing great.  


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