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Critics choice award to Pablo Fernandes with the 1/6 scale F-16 at Florida International Jet Rally.
Malcolm Kay with Fei Bao MB-339&F-9F
Andres Sales with FeiBao F-15D
Randy Clarck&Ado Coelho with FeiBao F-4
Dominic got TopGun Award at Libert Bell Jet event with F-9F
Ramino Soriano with FeiBao Rafale
Dewey Davenport&Lewis Patton with FeiBao MB-339
Hamid Reihani with FeiBao MB-339
Miguel Casasnovas with FeiBao Mirage2000
He painted the Tigereye after getting original one
Rob Backer with FeiBao F-18F
Joan Pou with FeiBao Hawk
Jesus Sepulveda with FeiBao Velox
Tor Christiansen with FeiBao F-9F
Marcos Torres,Jose Olives&Miguel Casasnovas with FeiBao F-18F&F-86
Dominic Cognata with FeiBao L-39
Kelvin Lim with FeiBao F-22
Sami with FeiBao Velox
Jonathan with FeiBao P-60 F-5
Lan Robb with FeiBao T-45
Lewis Patton with FeiBao F-15E
Paul Blanchard with FeiBao F-5 powered with Jet Central jf120 Super Eagle
Jim with FeiBao P-60 F-5 at California Jet Meeting
Laurent Schaal with FeiBao F-9F and Rafale
Jimmy with FeiBao Mirage2000
Dany Geday with FeiBao F-15D
Fritz with FeiBao F-15E
John with FeiBao T-33
Marco Benincasa got 3rd place with FeiBao T-33 at Top Gun.
Hi Catherine,
                       I test flew the F-16 this morning. Perfect, no problems at all.
Just a few clicks of trim and it was like I¡¯d been flying it for years!
It has a Hammer 180+ turbine in it and it only needs half throttle to fly at scale speeds!
After 7 minutes I landed it and both main tanks were still 30% full.
I hope you like the photos.

Olivier and Laurent got 2nd best of show with FeiBao MB-339
Glyn Dale with FeiBao F-16
Test pilot: Peter Weiss
Tyson Dodd and Luke Cullen with FeiBao HAWK and L-39
FeiBao Kits at the TAA Club in Queensland Australia
Hi Catherine,
We had the Leeton Jet meeting on this weekend just gone.  I have attached some pictures for you.
We won Best Sport Jet with the big Viper and also won Pilots Choice for the L39.
Hope you are doing great.  


Luis Tona with FeiBao Viper

Finally after a few months of work the Viper 2.5 took flight¡­
As expected it was amazing!!!
I am including a few photos that you may use on your web site¡­
Again, I want to thank you for an amazing model backed by an amazing team!!!
The Kingtech K180 is a perfect match for the Viper¡­
It is incredibly stable at any speed and lands as gentle as a falling leaf¡­ Truly amazing!!!

Luis Tona
El Salvador, Central America

Franco Di Mauro won prize in TopGun 2017
Franco Di Mauro from House of power hobbies with Feibao T-33
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