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About FeiBao
Feibao jets endeavours to be a very progressive company,and there is a constant,ongoing process of improvements and updates to the products,not only based upon feedback from customers,dealers,and factory pilots,but also from new materials and processes being discovered and introduced.Our goal is to produce the finest products as possible,while still maintaining our very reasonable prices.

The factory policy is to implement these updates as soon as feasible,without a lot of fanfare,suce as making a big announcement of the "new and improved" version.Most of the improvements and updates are small and subtle,but some are potential safety issues that have cropped up after extensive flying.FeiBao will do their best to contact any and all purchasers of a kit if there is a potential safety issue,but kits and built planes often change hands after purchase,and the onus is one the owner to get in touch with their dealer to check for any potential issues before flying.Again,most updates are minor,usually to make the plane lighter or easier to build, but if there is something that might actually be a safety issue, your FB dealer will gladly provide you with whatever parts might be needed to update the plane.While it is possible that in certain situations,the update might involve replacing an entire airframe,that would be a very rare circumstance,and as much as we would like to,it is unrealistic to expect that every kit will be replaced every time there is an update,any more than your dealer will give you this year's model just because there is a new one,but FeiBao takes safety particularly seriously,and if there is a potential safety-related issue,we will go far above and beyond any other company in the industry to make sure any potential problems are taken care of,whatever it takes.

Do stay in touch with your dealer nerwork...not only will you get the latest updates, but also FeiBao listens very carefully to complaints,suggestions,and praise from our customers.Beleive it.Many great ideas for improvements have come from the customers themselves,and have been implemented on the production line.FeiBao belives that there is no better person to evaluate the product than the customer who is actually building and flying the plane.So...you should genuinely feel the door to your dealer should always be open to your suggestions,and your dealer can pass that information on to the factory.This avenue of commucation is very valuable resource to both you and the company...please...feel free to use it.
FeiBao provides a recommended range of engines for each and every model.The models are stressed for these engines,and designed to fly on these engines,and putting in a more powerful engine does not necessarily you a better flying experience,but it certainly opens you up to petential flutter or structural failure.Many of the FB planes have indeed been tested with much larger engines,but usually there are evry good reasons for the engine range that is recommended.While you are free to do so,it's up to you to reinforce the planes as you see fit,and you are taking a substantial risk when you do.The same applies to any other modifications,such as different landing gear or struts,lighting systems,extra detailing,adding control surfaces such as speed brakes,changing hardware...any number of different things can add excess weight and stress.What the factory provides you is known to work,the factory cannot take responsibility for changes you choose to make,so just consider each one carefully,and consider adding changes incrementally,rather doing many substantial modifications right out of the box.
Too often,after a structural failure,it is found out afterwards that the plane was subject to unusual stress in some form before the failure actually occoured.These applies to all companies,not solely FeiBao.A primary cause for failure are cracks induced by a hard landing, or a gear-up landing.A full scale aircraft will receive an extensive inspection after such an incident,and these models should be treated no differently.That means,even if there is no apparent damage, not flying again that day after a landing incident,but taking it home and doing a full,careful inspection for any crakes or other damage,even if it means substantial dissassembly of the aircraft to view the inspection areas.It just has to be done.It's a lot less work than buying or building a new aircraft because something that cracked failed on the next flight.Another area to be aware of is "hanger rash",which is storage and transportation damage.Something as simple as picking the model up by the leading edges of the wings can cause cracking and delamination of the wings.Fuselages or tail booms often get hidden cracks from being transported on cradles that stress particular areas of the parts that are fine under flight loads,but not meant to be carry point.Use care in carrying your model,and design your model cradles to support the model from known hardpoints suce as the wing spars.And above all,don't treat a few cracks here and there as no big deal...fix any known damage before flying,always.

Not sold to person under 18 years of age, this is not a toy.This is high-performance miniature aircraft,capable of high speed and damage to life,limb,and property.The manufacturer and its distributors cannot control how you assemble this model,what equipment you use to fit it out,or how you fly it,and can assume no liability whatsoever for any damage that may occur when you flying your aircraft.By assembling this model,you are agreeing to indemnify and hold blameless the manufacturer and/or his agents from any all sorts and liability associated with the use of this product.Please inspect all parts before initial assembly.If any parts appear to be suspect,contact your dealer or the manufacturer for repairing or replacement BEFORE you begin.Once you have assembled the aircraft,you are the pilot in command and assume any and all responsibiliy for the use of the model and any damage that might occur by flying or attempting to fly this aircraft.
Good luck and happy flying
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