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Dolphin S
Length: 92 1/4"(2340mm)    Wingspan: 81 1/2"(2070mm)
Colin Straus with Dolphin S first prototype
Dolphin S 02
Dolphin S03
Dolphin S04
Dolphin S05
Dolphin S06
Dolphin S07
Antonio Fulvio with FeiBao Dolphin S
Dear Catherine

I finally tested the Dolphin S day before yesterday and, after my congratulation for the construction, I have to congratulate for the whole project, because the flight is really nice, smooth, predictable, slow and high speed бн..  gears working perfectly бн.. it is one of the best sport jet I have ever flown.

Thank you

Frank Yates with FeiBao Dolphin S
Eric Clapp with FeiBao Dolphin S
Winfried Ohlgart with FeiBao Dolphin S
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